Hella/F3 light patterns

Fri Dec 24 12:45:11 2004
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Fri Dec 24 12:44:39 2004
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Fri Dec 24 12:44:00 2004
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Fri Dec 24 12:43:20 2004
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Fri Dec 24 12:42:49 2004
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Index created: Fri Dec 24 13:03:00 2004.

I didn't have a mount for any of the lights (the F3 headlight is out of the bike) and I was hand-holding the camera, so the relative heights of the beams are meaningless. The beam pattern and brightness is the only interesting bit.

I put the camera in "manual" mode, so in theory the relative brightnesses of each lamp is meaningfull. I'm kinda puzzled by the difference in color temp between the with and without shield pictures of the low beam. I don't how that happened.

Because I used a whiteboard that's glossy as a backdrop there's a hot spot where the lamps are reflecting directly back at the camera. I tried to minimize that, but it didn't really work. Someday I'll take pictures outside with a contstant mount, but that's pretty low on the list.

I think it's interesting that the Hella high beam is clearly designed to be used with the low beam at the same time. There's gap in the high matches up nicely with the low beam.