before/after pictures

Holy moley!

I'd seen Kenzo's pictures, but never taken any of my own, or really even done a side-by side comparison. 

I made a little extension for the headlight bulb so I could swap the harness in and out without taking the headlight bucket apart.

I then propped the camera (with a tripod) on the tank/bars of the bike and took the pictures.

These are unretouched photos I took in front of my house at about midnight, using an Olympus D490-zoom digital camera, using only the automatic settings. 

All pictures were taken with the stock bulb (60/55 watts), and using only the low beam.

There's two sets, the first is with the engine off, the second with the engine running.
Lights offLights on, beforeLights on, after

These were taken with the engine running.  The difference isn't quite so shocking, but it's still quite noticable.  I had to hand-hold the camera because the engine was running, which is why they're a little fuzzy.