CB600F/Hornet/599 headlight output pictures

I went to three locations with different sorts of roads for what seemed like a "reasonable" test.

The photos were all taken with a Canon A80 using its automatic settings, and the images tweaked a bit to correct for the camera being smart, so as to more accurately represent the subjective brightness.

Note! When I took these pictures I was using H11 bulbs for both low and high beam. I've since converted to (and I supply) H9 bulbs for the high beam. That increases the light output by a noticable amount, increasing the high beam's efficacy a fair amount.

A long, wide, straight road

Site 1, low beam

Site 1, high beam
A narrow, straight road

Site 2, low beam

Site 2, high beam
A narrow, bent road

Site 1, low beam

Site 3, high beam
I don't yet have a stock Hawk vs. standard harness vs. 599 vs. SV vs. FZR vs. Hella FF50 etc page, but I will someday.